Reliable, secure and always backed up.

Hosting & Maintenance

From security, upgrades and Google Analytics to GDPR-compliance, we cover it all.
So you can finally say goodbye to the worry of hosting and maintaining your websites and focus on your business.

Packages tailored to your business needs.

Running a business is no simple task. There’s definitely no time to worry about your website. So why not let Winley Design help? With hosting, support and maintenance all delivered by experts you can trust, you’ll never have to give another thought to the likes of updates or security . Even better, we’ll tailor a package to suit your business needs.

Hosting and Security - where and how do you store your data?

With our affordable and reliable web hosting your website and emails will be safe. Using a rock solid Linux/Apache server, backed up 3 times a day.

The keep all your data safe, we have use of firewalls, malware scanning and other security measures. We don't want our customers data anywhere near a 'hacked' website, its is both our interest to have the best in this area.

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